DANI DOES a review: Birchbox April 2017 & 1-week update review

Hello, readers!

Here is my belated review of my April Birchbox that I received, and I have had a good few weeks to test out the products I received so I can give you my honest opinions on what I thought 🙂

So in the month of April Birchbox subscribers got to pick between a face powder, or a highlight/bronzer combo from the brand Manna Kadar Cosmetics. I personally was using the NYX HD Studio Finishing Powder at the time and owned 0 highlighters (I know). So I picked the highlight and bronzer combo and I was super excited to get my glow on!


1. Baija Paris Creme Moana. This is a 30ml body cream that has a lovely summery floral scent that reminds me a bit of my nan (in a good way). It boasts ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, and jojoba wax, so it’s awesome on dry skin.

Birchbox link to Baija Paris Creme Moana

UPDATE 1 WEEK LATER: I only use a little bit as it super thick, and even now in May I still have some left! It’s really nice, but if you are sensitive to scents then I don’t think you will like this one as the smell lingers for a long time. 

2. Manna Kadar Cosmetics Radiance Split Pan Bronzer and Highlighter Duo. When I received my little pan, I was surprised at the level of shimmer used in the bronzer formula. I am a Hula type of girl, so I always edge towards a matte bronzer but I was excited to try something new. The highlight shade is pretty, and I think it would work really well on really pale skin tones, but after watching all the NikkieTutorials videos on YouTube, its level of blinding was ok but a little lacklustre.

Birchbox link to Manna Kadar duo

UPDATE 1 WEEK LATER: I have been using the highlighter most days on the tops of my cheekbones, inner corners of my eyes, and on my brow bone. I do like the highlighter when it’s first applied as it’s very natural, but come lunch time it has disappeared from my face completely. I didn’t like the bronzer on my cheeks as it’s shimmery formula just picked up on all my dry patches, but it is a lovely eyeshadow shade that sticks around all day! 


3. Nip + Fab Colour Corrector in Green. I can only assume that I added my red pigmentation problem onto my Birchbox profile when I signed up, or they lucked out when sending me the only colour correcting colour that I would ever use! I do have red colouration across my naked cheeks, and it is the only reason that I don’t feel comfortable not wearing foundation day to day. This was a full-size product this month which was much appreciated 🙂 It claims to be crease resistant, fast drying, and highly pigmented so you don’t need to use a lot.

! Other colours available are: Banana – a good all rounder for multiple problem areas, Terracotta, – to brighten under eye circles, and Lavender – to cancel out any yellow tones in your skin. 

Birchbox link to Nip + Fab Colour Correctors

UPDATE 1 WEEK LATER: I find that this works best for me on any spots that I get that still show through my foundation. At the moment I am using NARS Sheerglow in Montblanc which is a great medium coverage foundation, but little red bumps still show through without this concealer. It’s a great concealer to keep in my makeup bag for when I have some red nasties creeping up under my skin – I definitely recommend checking this out 🙂 


4. PARLOR by Jeff Chastain Volumizing Lifting Spray. I was pretty stoked when I got this spray in my box as I have pretty thick hair that has a decent amount of bounce and volume in the lengths and ends, but the top normally falls flat and has no sexy oomph. It recommends that you apply the spray when your hair is semi-dry and then to blow dry and style as normal.

Birchbox link to PARLOR Lifting Spray

UPDATE 1 WEEK LATER: Unfortunately this spray hasn’t really worked out for me, and after reading the Birchbox page for this product it does mention that it’s perfect for ‘fine hair’, so alas it seems my hair is just too damn heavy for this spray to keep it lifted at the root. Dang, onto the next one! 


5. Polaar IcePure Gentle Scrub with Arctic Cotton. If there is one product that you can guarantee to find in my bathroom, it’s a body scrub. I love me some sandpaper rough scrubbing in the shower! Nothing feels cleaner than removing a few layers of skin, so I love a really grainy scrub that feels like it’s doing something magical.

Birchbox link to Polaar IcePure Gentle Scrub

UPDATE 1 WEEK LATER: This scrub was about 70% rough enough for me, it had very fine grains in it which still did a good job, but I only got 2 uses out of it. I did like how moisturising it was, and I liked the scent. If I was sunburnt then this would be a good gentle alternative to my Rituals scrub that I normally use. 

My favourite product in this months Birchbox was the Nip + Fab concealer, I didn’t know that I needed a green concealer until I was sent this, now its always in my makeup bag ready to back me up. This was closely followed by the Polaar Scrub, and although it didn’t last long, I was sad when I used it all up!

Have you tried out any of these products, what did you think?

If you’ve taken the time to read this – thanks for hanging out with me today, you’re awesome.



DANI DOES her first blog post *squee*

wdf_1064586.jpgHello, readers!

‘Dani does’ has been an unrecognised idea that I have had in my heart for a while, and I decided that tonight was the night to take the plunge into this supersaturated world of online blogging.

I have been searching high and low for one happy place where my random combination of passions can live mirthfully together, and I decided that a blog could be the perfect little spot. So here I am.

In my mind I have some ideas on what content I would like to feature:

  • Gaming (console and tabletop) – to discuss my experiences with you
  • Sketching – to share creations and get some advice and inspiration
  • Makeup – to cover reviews, swatches and looks
  • Anxiety&PTSD – to share by honest highs and lows, and talk it out

I can say hand on heart that I have found some awesome people for all of these things, just not all in one place (maybe there’s a good reason for that, time will tell).

I want all aspects to be positive and communal, I’m not here to just write blog post after blog post and not learn from the awesome people surrounding me in this cyber village, I want to hear your experiences too.

So my next step is to decide what my first full blog post will be about, and if you have any ideas then just let me know!

If you’ve taken the time to read this – thanks for hanging out with me today, you’re awesome.