DANI DOES her 26th birthday! Woo!

Hello, readers!

Yes, it has in fact been that magical time of year where I have celebrated another birthday, and how best to spend a birthday? By taking an entire week off, of course – woop woop!

My birthday actually fell on a Saturday this year, which is always very exciting 🙂 I woke up to be taken to Nottingham for some awesome food and some retail treats.

Nottingham is my absolutely most favourite place to go, the local bars and rock joints always draw me in, plus you only need to walk around a corner to find a live band playing somewhere.

As I was lucky enough to have an entire week off, I thought it would be more interesting to see what I got up to, so here’s the low down…

The main: I went to Nottingham! Yes, I was whisked away to the magical land of Nottingham so that I could splurge and indulge in lots of naughty things. I managed to treat myself to a new coat, some new jeans, some new makeup, and some other nick nacks. But let’s move onto the important part – The Food! Dang, does Nottingham have some delicious dishes. We had Taco Bell for lunch (I had a grilled stuft burrito with chicken) and then Yo Sushi! for dinner, and we ate nearly every dish in the place. It was my first time to both, and I was not disappointed! My favourite dish at Yo Sushi! was their apple gyoza which were mini deep fried dumplings filled with hot apple sauce, with a salted caramel dip – awesome! Of course, as we were in Nottingham we also had to visit the Nottingham Donut Company – Best. Doughnuts. Ever. Way better than Krispy Kreme, all doughnuts are huge and made fresh, and once they’re gone they’re gone, I love their lemon curd doughnut 🙂 It’s a giant doughnut with a big hole cut out the centre, which is then filled with fresh lemon curd. The whole thing is then dusted with sugar, and you break off massive chunks of the soft and fluffy doughnut and dunk it in the gooey middle. It’s pretty special.

I was so happy with how easy Nottingham felt, as it was the first place that I had my most severe anxiety attack and so I was expectantly a little nervous. I guess making myself face it has helped as I have been back a couple of times before now. I can’t hide away from the world, especially somewhere as close to my heart as Nottingham. I had been many times before my anxiety started, which is why I think it was the worst attack I have had. I just didn’t understand how I could feel so strongly, so out of the blue, when I have always been so happy and normal there. But persistence and self-assurance has helped me on my journey so far, I still have a little way to go 🙂

The rest of my birthday was captured in some pictures. some of which are rather mundane, and others are more exciting, but I hope you enjoy sharing them with me!


What have you been up to this week so far?

If you’ve taken the time to read this – thanks for hanging out with me today, you’re awesome.


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