DANI DOES an unboxing: Arcadia Quest Inferno & Pets

Hello, readers!

So every Friday night I host a gaming night with my boyfriend Sam, and our friends Stefan and Roe come over for a night of adventure and merriment.

Stef had a massive treat for us last night, as he had backed a game on Kickstarter and in true Stefan style, he bought absolutely everything that was available.

We have played a few campaigns of the original Arcadia Quest, and have always had a tonne of fun. Each game can last a few hours, so make sure you order some takeout, put on your comfies and put some drinks in the fridge for the journey ahead!

The aim of the game is to pick your team and save Arcadia from the erupting havoc and mayhem. You can all work together to save the world, and you have to work as a team to defeat the larger monsters/bosses. However, there are also certain quests that you need to complete that involve fucking each other over royally to gain extra gold and loot – this game will test your friendships, so be warned. Remember that time when you swooped in last minute and stole that epic legendary weapon that they had worked oh so hard for? Yeah, that’s going to come up a lot, and no you can’t have one of their haribo. 

Each players team compromises of 3 heroes, and we did a draught last night of all 92 hero cards and narrowed it down to 12 each. From there we then had to limit our hand to just 3 heroes!

Each hero character has its own individual stats, so it has a set amount of dice it can roll to defend itself against an attack, a number of life points, and 1 unique ability. 

So who did we pick?!

I picked:

  1. Magu – now I’m not gonna lie, the main draw to this hero for me was the fact that she is an adorable kitty cat riding a broom, cuuuuuute! Her unique ability is that she can exhaust her hero card to unexhaust one upgrade card, heal one wound, and remove one death curse from an Ally. So not only is she super cute, she’s also a magical healer.
  2. Prince Aaron – this guy is my hard hitter, his ability is that all enemies close to him have -2 defence against attacks made by him or his allies. Noice.
  3. Vexia – the crazy pet lady, Vexia gains +2 life and +2 rerolls for each allied pet close to her. She is what I aspire to be one day, hot, great cleavage, and surrounded by cute critters.


Sam picked himself the following team:

  1. Natasha – much like one of his favourite Overwatch characters, Natasha is a butch babe with hot pink hair, and when attacking a flanked target she deals 1 extra wound.
  2. Anvil – a hench, ginger, beardy manly man, he may place the gold he gains from killing enemies onto non-magic attack cards of his guild. These cards then roll +1 die.
  3. Nina – covered from head to foot in iron and carrying a massive ass crossbow. If Nina doesn’t use all of her movement points in a turn, she rolls +1 die on a bow or thrown weapon attack card.


Stefan decided on the following heroes:

  1. Kragor – I don’t think Stef even read the ability on this card, he simply cried ”SKULLZOR!” and fell in love. This skeletal hero gains a +1 when attacking with a magic attack card on all close targets.
  2. Mamba – imagine a sexy snake lady in a crop top and you have Mamba! If she ends her movement close to any enemy heroes, she may exhaust one card on each of them. Dick move.
  3. Jack Jack – this crazy jester looking mother fucker can switch one of its targets upgrade cards with another from their guild, all he has to do is have a successful hit on an attack roll. Easy to do, incredibly irritating for the unlucky target.


And lastly we have Roe’s band of uber-macho men:

  1. Crash – big horns, mohawk, and huge guns! This rippling hero overkills any minion of any type.
  2. Tigris – an erotic oiled up Spartan, this topless fellow rolls +1 die per close ally on non-magic melee attacks and defence rolls.
  3. Sir Bryce – the shovel knight! Ignores one wound he would take from every attack. Huge shield, huge sword, huge helmet.


I have to say that I am always impressed by the level of detail that the miniatures have in this series, everyone is really unique and its hard to pick on looks alone. It also doesn’t help that they make so many heros based on your favourite fictional characters. They have The Goblin King, Conan, Legolas, Van Helsing, Maleficent, Black Adder, and Voldemort just to name a few.

Here are the unboxing photos for you to peruse 🙂

I hope you enjoy looking through the photos of the teams, and I will update you when we have our first quest into the world of Arcadia Inferno.

You can also check out this Arcadia Quest Inferno video from the Kickstarter website:


And here’s a link to the KICKSTARTER site

If you’ve taken the time to read this – thanks for hanging out with me today, you’re awesome.


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