DANI DOES her first blog post *squee*

wdf_1064586.jpgHello, readers!

‘Dani does’ has been an unrecognised idea that I have had in my heart for a while, and I decided that tonight was the night to take the plunge into this supersaturated world of online blogging.

I have been searching high and low for one happy place where my random combination of passions can live mirthfully together, and I decided that a blog could be the perfect little spot. So here I am.

In my mind I have some ideas on what content I would like to feature:

  • Gaming (console and tabletop) – to discuss my experiences with you
  • Sketching – to share creations and get some advice and inspiration
  • Makeup – to cover reviews, swatches and looks
  • Anxiety&PTSD – to share by honest highs and lows, and talk it out

I can say hand on heart that I have found some awesome people for all of these things, just not all in one place (maybe there’s a good reason for that, time will tell).

I want all aspects to be positive and communal, I’m not here to just write blog post after blog post and not learn from the awesome people surrounding me in this cyber village, I want to hear your experiences too.

So my next step is to decide what my first full blog post will be about, and if you have any ideas then just let me know!

If you’ve taken the time to read this – thanks for hanging out with me today, you’re awesome.


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