DANI DOES 7 mildly interesting facts about me

Hello, readers!

Let’s get a little personal, and let’s get to know each other a smidge better.

I would like to share with you 7 mildly interesting facts about me so that you can get a better idea of me as a person, and what I surround myself with in my life.

I practice pole fitness – for fun and to build up my strength. Yep, I do what is incorrectly believed to be a very sexy form of fitness. Do you think that body bruises and unexpected toots in a room full of scantily dressed ladies is sexy? If so, then yes pole fitness is pretty damn sexy. I personally love it because I feel like I am always progressing, nearly every week I manage to achieve a move that I have struggled with in the past. I’ll be sure to write up a post about it in the future, maybe throw in some pics too if I’m having a skinny day 😉

I love to game. I spend so much of my spare time in front of my Xbox or laptop playing RPG’s and simulation games, or watching YouTubers playthroughs. Some of my favourite YouTubers are MrKravin, Christopher Odd, and John Wolfe – so check them out! Plus we have a tabletop night once a week to play whatever Stef has backed on Kickstarter, along with our group favourites of Catan, Sheriff of Nottingham, Sushi Go, and Arcadia Quest.

I like to arm knit snoods, so much so that I started to sell them on Etsy. It started from finding a quirky guide that I stumbled across on Pinterest, and then it snowballed into me running into a Hobbycraft as fast as I could and buying all the colourful yarn! It is so therapeutic to just let my arms go back and forth as I chill out listening to some music or stand-up comedy.

I need positivity. I always try to surround myself with things that I love and things that make me feel great. I love to spend time on myself with a pamper night once a week, and a nice calming wind-down routine before bed. I have also been trying to focus on my sketching as it always makes me feel really proud of myself when I complete a piece. I have also just popped my Instagram cherry so I can publish some sketches and happy places on there too!

I am a virgin veggie grower. I have always wanted to grow my own food, I love to buy fresh and organic produce, so the idea of growing my own vegetables has always been super appealing to me. I was a very lucky scallywag this week (as it was my birthday – woop woop!) and Sam’s mum went above and beyond in buying me a small greenhouse along with everything I could ever need to start growing some veggies. Once the rain stops, I am setting it all up and I will be sure to blog about how my first attempt went.

I adore horror. I love horror video games, I love horror movies, and I love horror novels. The genre just always draws me in, I always pick it on movie night, and I always wind up in the horror section at Waterstones. Sam actually bought me a new horror novel for my birthday called The Loney, so I will update you on that once I have finished it. My ideal night in is watching Sam play through a horror game whilst we drink some ales and eat some nachos – no I don’t play. I am waaaaaaay too much of a scaredy cat! I like to sit back, hide behind a cushion, and point at the screen whilst stating the obvious, like ”holy shit, what was that?!” and ”RUN AWAY!”. Sam’s a lucky dude.

Makeup is magic to me. If I am not watching MrKravin do an enraged walkthrough on a crappy new horror release, then I will be glued to my screen watching way more talented people play with makeup on YouTube. I will pine over makeup that I can’t afford, and I will pine over their flawless complexions and on point highlight that I can’t achieve. I tend to watch a lot of Kathleen Lights, and Safiya Nygaard. Kathleen has some more serious tutorials, and Saf has more quirky and fun content. Also, check out NikkieTutorials and grav3yardgirl as they’re also pretty special 🙂 

So how about you? What passions do you have, do you share some of mine? Let me know of anything that you think that I should check out, I would love to discover something new!

If you’ve taken the time to read this – thanks for hanging out with me today, you’re awesome.






DANI DOES a review: Birchbox March 2017 & 1-week update review

Hello, readers!

I have been an on/off subscriber to Birchbox for the last 18 months or so, and I know that people are unsure whether this subscription is something for them. So I thought that I would share my latest delivery with you so you can check out the type of goodies you can get with Birchbox. Each month you get 5 products that are tailored to your beauty profile that you fill out when you join, and you get a mix of mainly mini’s and normally 1 full-size product.

This month every subscriber got a Benefit lipstick, and we were given the chance to select which shade we wanted. There was 2 to chose from, one being a nude tone and the other a bright pink.

Now I am all about the nude shades, I love me some NYX Lip Lingeries with their neutral palette. However I also like to shake it up sometimes and step out of my comfort zone with a sky blue or dark purple shade. So I decided to leave this decision up to the Birchbox gods, and so I move onto the first product in my box this month:

1. Benefit They’re Real! Double The Lip in the shade Pink Thrills. This product claims to give you fuller looking lips with its unique dual colour formula in a teardrop-shaped lipstick. The top of the teardrop is darker than the rest of the lipstick, and this acts as the lip liner, making application super quick and easy.  I will say that the product feels really nourishing on my lips, it is very easy to apply, and it smells like sherbert. It’s also a decent size for a mini sample, giving you plenty of time to test it out and see if this is worth your hard earned coins. My only huff is that I don’t agree that my lips look fuller after application, check out my photo’s and let me know what you think. Would I buy this? No, I think that there are other lipsticks out there that are just as nourishing and half the cost. If this did make my lips look fuller then maybe I would reconsider.

Birchbox link to Benefit They’re Real! Double The Lip

UPDATE 1 WEEK LATER: So I decided to wear this vivid lippy to work and see how it held up, I blended the liner into the lip colour a little with my finger and it looked much better. I was at work for about an hour and a half, went to the toilet and the inner lip colour had crumbled and cracked everywhere 😦 The liner was still set, looking good, but considering this boasts an 8 hour wear time, I was super disappointed. 


2. Marcelle Gentle Make Up Remover For Sensitive Eyes. I tested this product out last night after I had a fun playtime with my Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette, and I used the darkest blue shade EVERYWHERE. I also put on some liquid liner and some fibre lash mascara, and to my pleasant surprise, this magical potion removed it all. No fuss, no arguments, it just got on with what it was there to do. It’s a typical eye makeup remover in that it has 2 liquids that are separated that you have to shake up to activate. And my only niggle is that it left quite an oily residue on my skin, but my toner washed that away very easily. Would I buy this? Yes, I would. I love experimenting with makeup and wacky colours, so a decent eye makeup remover is always welcome in my arsenal.

Birchbox link to Marcelle Gentle Make Up Remover For Sensitive Eyes

UPDATE 1 WEEK LATER: Still using this product and its great, easily removes my makeup, no stinging, and a little goes far.


3. balanceme Instant Lift Primer. I got excited when I saw that I got a primer in this months delivery, I have tried out a few and I am always up for falling in love with something new, especially when they say that they are 99% natural! This primer is a milky white, light gel and it says that it is a complexion perfecting primer, smoothing and lifting skin to look more youthful and virtually poreless. I would be jumping to try out this primer if it didn’t smell just like nit lotion. I rubbed a little on my hand yesterday morning and the memories of a raw scalp and sharp nit combs all came flooding back, and I kept smelling it during the day. I honestly don’t know if I could wear this on my face all day, but I will certainly give it a go and report back. Who knows, maybe that’s just the price you pay for something awesome, right?

Birchbox link to balanceme Instant Lift Primer

UPDATE 1 WEEK LATER: I tried this out, and although the nit lotion smell isn’t quite as potent on my face, it made me SO oily. Like I was shocked, my boyfriend was shocked, my cats were shocked. I do suffer combination skin (yay me) but I do not recommend this for anyone with oily prone skin. Nuh uh.


4. Korres Santorini Vine Shower Gel. Another product that boasts a high natural ingredients content, this time of 86.7%. This shower gel smells fruity and slightly medicinal, which I like when I’m scrubbing away the dirty doughnut shame from earlier in the day. Again, it’s a decent sized mini allowing you a good 3-4 showers before deciding if you need to make this a regular in your routine, or if it makes you want to just throw in the towel. Would I buy it? Unfortunately not, as Birchbox has already made me fall deeply in love with the Rituals shower range, but this is certainly a good product and worth checking out!

Birchbox link to Korres Santorini Vine Shower Gel

UPDATE 1 WEEK LATER: I like this, I like the way it smells and I like the way it moisturises my skin. It’s quite a thin consistency so I don’t know how long it would last, but it gets a thumbs up.


5. Batiste 2 in 1 Invisible Dry Shampoo and Conditioner. Now if there’s anything that gets me excited, it’s a product that allows me to be super duper lazy and skip washing my hair to carry on playing The Sims for another 4 hours. I have always adored the Batiste Dry Shampoo’s, and my favourite so far has been the cherry scent. But I only use dry shampoo to buy myself 1 extra day, as the white residue tends to build up and start to look a bit too much like dandruff. So this new invisible formula has got me VERY intrigued. I also have bleached hair, so I get a crappy combo of greasy and dry all at the same time, so their additional conditioning element has me signed up. Would I buy this? You bet your butt I will! The vanilla & passion flower smell will become my new scent.

Birchbox link to Batiste 2 in 1 Invisible Dry Shampoo

UPDATE 1 WEEK LATER: Man, I was so excited for this product. So excited. But you can bet your butt that I will not be purchasing this product *sigh*. I think the conditioning element of the spray is a little too strong, as my roots continued to separate after I sprayed them. They felt soft but looked greasy still, and then at about 2pm I had huge chunks of what looked like dandruff down my parting, so ‘invisible’ it is not. Total bummer. 

All in all, I’m pretty happy with this months Birchbox. I got a good mix of products, with a bit of makeup, haircare, and skincare. I have purchased a number of products that I have tested out in my Birchbox subscription before, so I would recommend that you give this a try if you are considering it. I mentioned that I have been an on/off subscriber previously, and that was because I had not taken the time to use up my products before my next box arrived and I started to hoard beauty minis… I hope you enjoyed the read! I will be uploading again next month 🙂

Have you tried out any of these products, what did you think?

If you’ve taken the time to read this – thanks for hanging out with me today, you’re awesome.

DANI DOES an unboxing: Arcadia Quest Inferno & Pets

Hello, readers!

So every Friday night I host a gaming night with my boyfriend Sam, and our friends Stefan and Roe come over for a night of adventure and merriment.

Stef had a massive treat for us last night, as he had backed a game on Kickstarter and in true Stefan style, he bought absolutely everything that was available.

We have played a few campaigns of the original Arcadia Quest, and have always had a tonne of fun. Each game can last a few hours, so make sure you order some takeout, put on your comfies and put some drinks in the fridge for the journey ahead!

The aim of the game is to pick your team and save Arcadia from the erupting havoc and mayhem. You can all work together to save the world, and you have to work as a team to defeat the larger monsters/bosses. However, there are also certain quests that you need to complete that involve fucking each other over royally to gain extra gold and loot – this game will test your friendships, so be warned. Remember that time when you swooped in last minute and stole that epic legendary weapon that they had worked oh so hard for? Yeah, that’s going to come up a lot, and no you can’t have one of their haribo. 

Each players team compromises of 3 heroes, and we did a draught last night of all 92 hero cards and narrowed it down to 12 each. From there we then had to limit our hand to just 3 heroes!

Each hero character has its own individual stats, so it has a set amount of dice it can roll to defend itself against an attack, a number of life points, and 1 unique ability. 

So who did we pick?!

I picked:

  1. Magu – now I’m not gonna lie, the main draw to this hero for me was the fact that she is an adorable kitty cat riding a broom, cuuuuuute! Her unique ability is that she can exhaust her hero card to unexhaust one upgrade card, heal one wound, and remove one death curse from an Ally. So not only is she super cute, she’s also a magical healer.
  2. Prince Aaron – this guy is my hard hitter, his ability is that all enemies close to him have -2 defence against attacks made by him or his allies. Noice.
  3. Vexia – the crazy pet lady, Vexia gains +2 life and +2 rerolls for each allied pet close to her. She is what I aspire to be one day, hot, great cleavage, and surrounded by cute critters.


Sam picked himself the following team:

  1. Natasha – much like one of his favourite Overwatch characters, Natasha is a butch babe with hot pink hair, and when attacking a flanked target she deals 1 extra wound.
  2. Anvil – a hench, ginger, beardy manly man, he may place the gold he gains from killing enemies onto non-magic attack cards of his guild. These cards then roll +1 die.
  3. Nina – covered from head to foot in iron and carrying a massive ass crossbow. If Nina doesn’t use all of her movement points in a turn, she rolls +1 die on a bow or thrown weapon attack card.


Stefan decided on the following heroes:

  1. Kragor – I don’t think Stef even read the ability on this card, he simply cried ”SKULLZOR!” and fell in love. This skeletal hero gains a +1 when attacking with a magic attack card on all close targets.
  2. Mamba – imagine a sexy snake lady in a crop top and you have Mamba! If she ends her movement close to any enemy heroes, she may exhaust one card on each of them. Dick move.
  3. Jack Jack – this crazy jester looking mother fucker can switch one of its targets upgrade cards with another from their guild, all he has to do is have a successful hit on an attack roll. Easy to do, incredibly irritating for the unlucky target.


And lastly we have Roe’s band of uber-macho men:

  1. Crash – big horns, mohawk, and huge guns! This rippling hero overkills any minion of any type.
  2. Tigris – an erotic oiled up Spartan, this topless fellow rolls +1 die per close ally on non-magic melee attacks and defence rolls.
  3. Sir Bryce – the shovel knight! Ignores one wound he would take from every attack. Huge shield, huge sword, huge helmet.


I have to say that I am always impressed by the level of detail that the miniatures have in this series, everyone is really unique and its hard to pick on looks alone. It also doesn’t help that they make so many heros based on your favourite fictional characters. They have The Goblin King, Conan, Legolas, Van Helsing, Maleficent, Black Adder, and Voldemort just to name a few.

Here are the unboxing photos for you to peruse 🙂

I hope you enjoy looking through the photos of the teams, and I will update you when we have our first quest into the world of Arcadia Inferno.

You can also check out this Arcadia Quest Inferno video from the Kickstarter website:


And here’s a link to the KICKSTARTER site

If you’ve taken the time to read this – thanks for hanging out with me today, you’re awesome.

DANI DOES her first blog post *squee*

wdf_1064586.jpgHello, readers!

‘Dani does’ has been an unrecognised idea that I have had in my heart for a while, and I decided that tonight was the night to take the plunge into this supersaturated world of online blogging.

I have been searching high and low for one happy place where my random combination of passions can live mirthfully together, and I decided that a blog could be the perfect little spot. So here I am.

In my mind I have some ideas on what content I would like to feature:

  • Gaming (console and tabletop) – to discuss my experiences with you
  • Sketching – to share creations and get some advice and inspiration
  • Makeup – to cover reviews, swatches and looks
  • Anxiety&PTSD – to share by honest highs and lows, and talk it out

I can say hand on heart that I have found some awesome people for all of these things, just not all in one place (maybe there’s a good reason for that, time will tell).

I want all aspects to be positive and communal, I’m not here to just write blog post after blog post and not learn from the awesome people surrounding me in this cyber village, I want to hear your experiences too.

So my next step is to decide what my first full blog post will be about, and if you have any ideas then just let me know!

If you’ve taken the time to read this – thanks for hanging out with me today, you’re awesome.